Penny Lane Development Trust building

At the Penny Lane Development Trust, we have a number of fascinating attractions for both tourists and local community to see and enjoy.

Every year, an estimated 100,000 tourists visit Liverpool in England. Liverpool are known around the world for its football, rich heritage, The Beatles and a lot more, but it was The Beatles who brought Penny Lane to life.

The song "Penny Lane", named after the street name "Penny Lane", was such a big hit with music fans around the world that it sparked a tourism boom on Penny Lane in Liverpool. We, at the Penny Lane Development Trust, built this centre to provide tourists with more accessibility and interesting attractions, as well as to help the local community.

Here at the Penny Lane Development Trust, we have the lovely "Penny Lane Gate" designed by Aaron Givens. The Gate design was influenced by George Harrison and the lotus flower which is significant to the spiritual side of George's life.

We have an inspiring Penny Lane Wonderwall designed and painted by the artist, Ian Town. The wall is based on a concept by George Harrison and this creation, gifted to the Penny Lane Development Trust is the only one in the world!

We have a small piece of wall dedicated to tourists and the community to sign. Leave a piece of yourself in Penny Lane's Sign Wall history for others to see!

Come and see the Penny Lane sandstone wall, a wall that was built centuries ago and is still standing today!

The Octopus Garden is an ongoing project built by the community to honour peace, The Beatles and especially Ringo Starr as he was the one who wrote the song, "Octopus's Garden".

Lastly, we have a number of wonderful Penny Lane products which can only be found at Penny Lane.

We have something for everyone in this project. We hope everyone leaves happy with wonderful memories of Penny Lane!

Penny Lane Gate

Penny Lane Wonder Wall

Penny Lane Sign Wall

Penny Lane Sandstone Rock

Octopus' Garden Mosaic

Penny Lane products
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