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The Octopus' Garden is ongoing, the wildflower meadow has attracted many animal species and now we're ready to bring more woodland life to Penny Lane with our tree planting project!

Growing Along With Penny Lane Update

It's been a year since our lovely trees were planted in our garden here in Penny Lane and thanks to your help, most of them have been adopted and given a name.

Our woody friends were only tiny wisps when they first arrived to the centre; you could barely spot them among all the other flowers and plants that live in our green area. Now they all are tall and visible, already showing some of their leaves, making our garden look so beautiful and getting ready for the upcoming winter. They are still babies though but getting strong!

Check out our gallery in which we have added new photos of the trees and their growing process. If you have adopted one of them or more, why not try to spot them in the pictures or paying them a visit some time soon? The gates of Penny Lane Development Trust are always open!

"Growing Along with Penny Lane" is an ongoing project that the Trust came up with to take part in the battle against climate change. You can still show your support towards our cause and adopt one of the trees that live in our garden.

Choose the type of tree you like the most of the 6 different types we have and give it a name; we will send you an Adoption Certificate and e-mail updates on how your tree is doing in its home on Penny Lane.

Adopting a tree costs only 2 per year.

Last updated in November 2012.

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