The management Board of Trustees is made up of 5 local people who committed themselves to developing this project.

The Trustees are constituted to meet 6 times per year. However, due to the nature of the project this can sometimes require more meetings.

The Trustees are highly skilled & qualified individuals who share this knowledge and experience to ensure that compliance is met to a high standard.

Ian Smeatham is the Chairperson. Ian is a structural engineer and has demonstrated his ability by leading the project to the forefront and giving his time voluntarily as project manager during the construction phase.

Paula Gainer is the Treasurer. Paula is an Accounts Manager at a leading consulting firm, Paula utilises her skills on a daily basis within the trust and ensures that all our accounting at PLDT is in line with the Charity Commission guidelines. PLDT has an excellent track record of accounting and this is demonstrated through our accounting system.

Ellen Fearon is the Vice Chairperson. Ellen was one of the founder members of the PLDT and prior to this was also a member of the PLCA. Ellen was an integral member of the team in the early days and was one of the original members who set up the paper campaign to save the fields forever.

Anne Aitkin is the secretary. Anne joined the Trust to fill the role as secretary.

Julie Gornell is the Senior Charity Officer. Julie was one of the founder members of PLDT and resigned as a trustee in 2005 in order to develop the strategic element of the project. Julie leads the operations of the project and is responsible for the management on a day to day basis, reporting to the Trustees regularly. Julie has 15yrs of community work experience and has the passion to take the project to the next level.

The Trust

Charity Commission

Ian Smeatham

Paula Gainer

Ellen Fearon

Julie Gornell
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